Low budget but special weddings

As a Singaporean, our cost of living is one of the highest in the region. With so much responsibilities and financial obligations, people are gradually cutting on their wedding.

For some people, that is tantamount to committing a sin. However, times are changing, police are no longer wearing shorts so without further ado, here are some ways you can have a low budget special wedding venue.


Check with your school


Wedding at a school

We are sure a good percentage of couples actually get married to their school sweetheart. If you are one of them, check with your alumni club if you can rent a venue there. It does bring back fond memories though they might only allow you to do it on a Sunday. What’s more, not everyone is doing it, yet. This experience will make it a truly unique and special wedding. You can also choose to use it for your solemnization. The only issue would be the heat as schools are notorious for being stuffy, so remember to have more fans in place for your guests!


ROM wedding

Wedding at ROM

Remember, a wedding is for the 2 of you. You can create memories anytime, anywhere right? However, we would recommend you rent a bridal gown (Not because of us!)but because it is your one and only chance to wear it. You can offer guests some cocktail reception or food after the event hence food won’t be a problem if that is a concern. If you want to find out more about our gowns, then please click here


At a café

Weddding Cafe

Now when people think of a café, they tend to think of small cafés that can fit up to 30 people, but there are cafes which are designed in such a way that are able to host weddings. They are not only affordable, but they give off a cozy feeling which a hotel cannot provide.


At the Beach

Wedding at the beach

The beach is a good place to have a wedding; it allows the program to be more casual while at the same time making things special. But of course there are issues that you have to be careful of if you want to organize it at the beach.

Firstly, it is weather-dependent. It is pretty difficult to have backup plan if you were to plan it at East Coast Park for instance. (Remember to apply for a license!) However, if you were to do it at Sentosa, there might be ways to work around it but to be on the safe side, choose months where the weather isn’t finicky.

Secondly, do note on the logistics issues. Cover your buffet line if you are using the beach as a wedding venue. You don’t want your guests having sand in their food.