WhiteLink Bridal Boutique’s benefits

WhiteLink bridal boutique has been part of the wedding industry for 20 over years.

One thing that is always asked prior to signing is “What can I get?”

Some bridal boutique’s might give you customization options, or talk about how you will get a small toolbox for your wedding day

WhiteLink Bridal boutique however, will go the extra mile and here are 4 services that is unique to us.

#1: Free try out of any gowns

No, you don’t have to pay for anything before trying out any gowns. At WhiteLink, we value customer happiness above all else. We don’t want to have any bad ratings hence we would always advise couples to try our gowns before purchasing anything. It also reduces your stress knowing you will only pay when you are sure you are going to be happy.

If you ever encounter any of our sales or customer service personnel requiring you to purchase before doing so, please drop us a note via this link, it is not part of our protocol.

#2: You will get a free wedding planner

At WhiteLink Bridal Boutique, we aim to help out our couples as much as we can. One of the ways we hope to ease your burden is through our wedding planner. This wedding planner can be downloaded here and it is available for everyone, even those who are not our customers. This is because WhiteLink Bridal boutique mission is to ensure all brides are happy as we truly believe every woman deserves to be a happy bride.

#3: A dedicated help line

We have created a helpline that is solely for you. In it, there will be your coordinator and your make up artist. This is done so that you will have a peace of mind knowing that no matter the issue, we will help you.

#4: Guaranteed Cashback, $30,000 lucky draw prize and Overseas trip

We are working with Blissful brides to provide a a list of advantages if you sign a package with us
You will get:
1) Guaranteed Cashback with purchase of our wedding packages
2) A chance to win from the $30,000 lucky draw cash pool
3) A chance to win a trip to maldives (Worth $8,000)

So send us a message now at and enjoy your perks and privileges.


Low budget but special weddings

As a Singaporean, our cost of living is one of the highest in the region. With so much responsibilities and financial obligations, people are gradually cutting on their wedding.

For some people, that is tantamount to committing a sin. However, times are changing, police are no longer wearing shorts so without further ado, here are some ways you can have a low budget special wedding venue.


Check with your school


Wedding at a school

We are sure a good percentage of couples actually get married to their school sweetheart. If you are one of them, check with your alumni club if you can rent a venue there. It does bring back fond memories though they might only allow you to do it on a Sunday. What’s more, not everyone is doing it, yet. This experience will make it a truly unique and special wedding. You can also choose to use it for your solemnization. The only issue would be the heat as schools are notorious for being stuffy, so remember to have more fans in place for your guests!


ROM wedding

Wedding at ROM

Remember, a wedding is for the 2 of you. You can create memories anytime, anywhere right? However, we would recommend you rent a bridal gown (Not because of us!)but because it is your one and only chance to wear it. You can offer guests some cocktail reception or food after the event hence food won’t be a problem if that is a concern. If you want to find out more about our gowns, then please click here


At a café

Weddding Cafe

Now when people think of a café, they tend to think of small cafés that can fit up to 30 people, but there are cafes which are designed in such a way that are able to host weddings. They are not only affordable, but they give off a cozy feeling which a hotel cannot provide.


At the Beach

Wedding at the beach

The beach is a good place to have a wedding; it allows the program to be more casual while at the same time making things special. But of course there are issues that you have to be careful of if you want to organize it at the beach.

Firstly, it is weather-dependent. It is pretty difficult to have backup plan if you were to plan it at East Coast Park for instance. (Remember to apply for a license!) However, if you were to do it at Sentosa, there might be ways to work around it but to be on the safe side, choose months where the weather isn’t finicky.

Secondly, do note on the logistics issues. Cover your buffet line if you are using the beach as a wedding venue. You don’t want your guests having sand in their food.


For Budget Brides: Ways to reduce the cost of your wedding

Wedding photography budget


In a wedding budget, you will have to set money aside for wedding essentials, wedding photography and many more. All this including your BTO makes budget such an important factor. So here’s 3 ways you can reduce the cost of your wedding and yet get the most out of it.

Banquet venue

In Singapore, one of the main reasons why couples hold hotel wedding banquets is because its what our parents want. We of course support listening to your parents but hotel venues are typically quite expensive

You can opt instead to cater food from a cheaper vendor at a function room. This would cut costs tremendously. If you are a Catholic/Christian, you can also choose to have a reception at your local church to save costs

Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, some people might advise the best choice to go for would be a friend or freelancer as they are cheap.
But unlike regular photography, a wedding photographer need the necessary skills to capture your best moments. With just a camera, anyone can get into wedding photography. In actual fact, anybody can do it with your mobile phones. When it comes to weddings though, it can be difficult for a photographer to capture what needs to be captured. A professional wedding photographer will come in handy to guide you through the process too.
One way to cut cost on photography would be to avoid going overseas for your pre-wedding shoot. This would certainly reduce a significant amount of the overall budget.

Inviting less guests

One of the reasons why people invite so many guests is to make their wedding look more grand then it really is. We do not recommend doing that. Coupled with the fact that hotel requires a guaranteed number of tables in order to book the ballroom, it is just not worth it.

A wedding is to celebrate the love and union of 2 persons and should not be used as a measurement of how many friends/relatives you have. The best weddings in trend now are the ones which are small and intimate, limited to only people who are close to the couple. So remember, your wedding is for you. Not others!

For more information on getting a good deal out of your wedding budget, send us a message here

These 3 mistakes will ruin your wedding planning

It is never easy planning for a wedding, lest to say, your dream wedding. You probably have many thoughts going through your mind and unsure which area to get started first. Venue first or my dress first? Just like you, many couples have been there and done that. But you are privileged! Here’s the top 3 costly mistakes to avoid so you can cut away unnecessary stresses that will drain you off emotionally and financially during your wedding journey.

Mistake #1 – You want your wedding to look like your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest is a great place for a bride to collect ideas but too much of anything might just turn one into a disaster. Many images on Pinterest are not entirely fulfillable on a real wedding budget and they’re not as easy to replicate as bridal boutiques might not carry the exact designs. On the other hand, just imagine the hefty price tag of a made-to-measure wedding gown.

What can you do? – Review your Pinterest boards and get an idea of the style and colours you are looking at. Then use the boards as an inspiration rather to copy. In this way, you can shop around with an open mind for the gown that will eventually be the best fit to your personality.

Mistake #2 – Not having a budget for the entire wedding.

A bride can get very excited about specific matters of her wedding, for example, her wedding dress or the theme of the wedding. You will start making decisions and signing contracts one vendor after another. Thereafter, you will realised that you are over budget and begin to skimp on the remaining details. This is the result of poor budget allocation.

What can you do? – Work together to create and review a budget (according to the size of your bank account), then agree on the most important aspects of the wedding and set a certain percentage of the budget for this area. At the same time, manage your expenses so that you are right on track and always know how much money is left.

Mistake #3 – There’s no wedding timeline in place.

You might embark on your wedding planning journey in random order or what you think is necessary. However, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Having a well thought-out plan can mean that important details will not get missed out too.

What can you do? – Understand how much time you have left and create a timeline for your wedding that’s suitable for your available schedule and at your own pace. Having the schedule will allow you and your vendors to stick to it, which ensures there will be no last minute hassle.

For all your bridal needs, you are welcomed to book an appointment with us and let us guide you through a memorable wedding journey

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Wedding Day

With so many wedding plans to remember, choosing the music for your wedding might be the last thing on your mind. But this seemingly small detail is actually very important—music helps to set the tone for your special day, and will leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests. Not sure where to begin? Read on for 8 tips that will help you choose the wedding songs for your big day.

  1. Make a Playlist

A Playlist is important as you will need different songs for each moment of your wedding day. You will need a few songs for your first and second march in during your wedding. Listing the different moments in order will help to ensure that you have a meaningful and special wedding song for each important moment during the wedding as it will let you and your guest remember these moments

  1. Don’t be constrained by traditional choices

We all want to be safe and keep with traditional choices of songs like “Canon in D” and “Here comes the bride”. These two classic songs are usually playing during the first or second march in at the wedding. There is no real reason on why you should choose these or any other traditional wedding songs for your wedding.
The important part is to choose songs that aren’t too fast so that you do not have to rush during your march in. If you are unsure on the tempo of the song, put it on, and try to walk as you would on your wedding day. You should get a good feel of whether or not you’re moving too quickly.

  1. Decide on if you want a live band/DJ during your wedding

With so many different directions to go in when it comes to wedding music, you’ll be having a headache just deciding on how you want your wedding music to be. Thus you will have to decide on what kind of live music do you want for your big day.
Personal preference and budget will play the biggest part in helping you decide to go with live music or not. There is no one way to do it as long as you do it your way.

  1. Consider hiring an emcee

Having an emcee for your wedding is a great way to keep your guest entertained and the whole flow of the wedding running smoothly. It will save you the time and trouble of having to manage everything yourself especially on your big day. It is advisable to have a conversation with your emcee before your big day to go through the details of your wedding.

  1. Have a thorough discussion with your fiancé

You should never made all of these decisions without talking to your partner first. Even if he may not be as involved as you in the planning process, selecting songs for your wedding is personal and should portray both of you equally.
One of the most important song that you will have for your wedding day is one played during the first march in with your husband, this song should bring back the wonderful memories that you have experienced together. It will be a night to remember.