WhiteLink Bridal Boutique’s benefits

WhiteLink bridal boutique has been part of the wedding industry for 20 over years.

One thing that is always asked prior to signing is “What can I get?”

Some bridal boutique’s might give you customization options, or talk about how you will get a small toolbox for your wedding day

WhiteLink Bridal boutique however, will go the extra mile and here are 4 services that is unique to us.

#1: Free try out of any gowns

No, you don’t have to pay for anything before trying out any gowns. At WhiteLink, we value customer happiness above all else. We don’t want to have any bad ratings hence we would always advise couples to try our gowns before purchasing anything. It also reduces your stress knowing you will only pay when you are sure you are going to be happy.

If you ever encounter any of our sales or customer service personnel requiring you to purchase before doing so, please drop us a note via this link, it is not part of our protocol.

#2: You will get a free wedding planner

At WhiteLink Bridal Boutique, we aim to help out our couples as much as we can. One of the ways we hope to ease your burden is through our wedding planner. This wedding planner can be downloaded here and it is available for everyone, even those who are not our customers. This is because WhiteLink Bridal boutique mission is to ensure all brides are happy as we truly believe every woman deserves to be a happy bride.

#3: A dedicated help line

We have created a helpline that is solely for you. In it, there will be your coordinator and your make up artist. This is done so that you will have a peace of mind knowing that no matter the issue, we will help you.

#4: Guaranteed Cashback, $30,000 lucky draw prize and Overseas trip

We are working with Blissful brides to provide a a list of advantages if you sign a package with us
You will get:
1) Guaranteed Cashback with purchase of our wedding packages
2) A chance to win from the $30,000 lucky draw cash pool
3) A chance to win a trip to maldives (Worth $8,000)

So send us a message now at https://whitelink.com.sg/contact/ and enjoy your perks and privileges.


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