For Budget Brides: Ways to reduce the cost of your wedding

Wedding photography budget


In a wedding budget, you will have to set money aside for wedding essentials, wedding photography and many more. All this including your BTO makes budget such an important factor. So here’s 3 ways you can reduce the cost of your wedding and yet get the most out of it.

Banquet venue

In Singapore, one of the main reasons why couples hold hotel wedding banquets is because its what our parents want. We of course support listening to your parents but hotel venues are typically quite expensive

You can opt instead to cater food from a cheaper vendor at a function room. This would cut costs tremendously. If you are a Catholic/Christian, you can also choose to have a reception at your local church to save costs

Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, some people might advise the best choice to go for would be a friend or freelancer as they are cheap.
But unlike regular photography, a wedding photographer need the necessary skills to capture your best moments. With just a camera, anyone can get into wedding photography. In actual fact, anybody can do it with your mobile phones. When it comes to weddings though, it can be difficult for a photographer to capture what needs to be captured. A professional wedding photographer will come in handy to guide you through the process too.
One way to cut cost on photography would be to avoid going overseas for your pre-wedding shoot. This would certainly reduce a significant amount of the overall budget.

Inviting less guests

One of the reasons why people invite so many guests is to make their wedding look more grand then it really is. We do not recommend doing that. Coupled with the fact that hotel requires a guaranteed number of tables in order to book the ballroom, it is just not worth it.

A wedding is to celebrate the love and union of 2 persons and should not be used as a measurement of how many friends/relatives you have. The best weddings in trend now are the ones which are small and intimate, limited to only people who are close to the couple. So remember, your wedding is for you. Not others!

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