These 3 mistakes will ruin your wedding planning

It is never easy planning for a wedding, lest to say, your dream wedding. You probably have many thoughts going through your mind and unsure which area to get started first. Venue first or my dress first? Just like you, many couples have been there and done that. But you are privileged! Here’s the top 3 costly mistakes to avoid so you can cut away unnecessary stresses that will drain you off emotionally and financially during your wedding journey.

Mistake #1 – You want your wedding to look like your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest is a great place for a bride to collect ideas but too much of anything might just turn one into a disaster. Many images on Pinterest are not entirely fulfillable on a real wedding budget and they’re not as easy to replicate as bridal boutiques might not carry the exact designs. On the other hand, just imagine the hefty price tag of a made-to-measure wedding gown.

What can you do? – Review your Pinterest boards and get an idea of the style and colours you are looking at. Then use the boards as an inspiration rather to copy. In this way, you can shop around with an open mind for the gown that will eventually be the best fit to your personality.

Mistake #2 – Not having a budget for the entire wedding.

A bride can get very excited about specific matters of her wedding, for example, her wedding dress or the theme of the wedding. You will start making decisions and signing contracts one vendor after another. Thereafter, you will realised that you are over budget and begin to skimp on the remaining details. This is the result of poor budget allocation.

What can you do? – Work together to create and review a budget (according to the size of your bank account), then agree on the most important aspects of the wedding and set a certain percentage of the budget for this area. At the same time, manage your expenses so that you are right on track and always know how much money is left.

Mistake #3 – There’s no wedding timeline in place.

You might embark on your wedding planning journey in random order or what you think is necessary. However, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Having a well thought-out plan can mean that important details will not get missed out too.

What can you do? – Understand how much time you have left and create a timeline for your wedding that’s suitable for your available schedule and at your own pace. Having the schedule will allow you and your vendors to stick to it, which ensures there will be no last minute hassle.

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